Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gaia pinball hack

I have an gaia pinball hack you can make 1k but lets tell you how to use it
1. type in your user name and password click login
2. then click attach hit the arrow thats pointing down scroll all the way down and youll find pinballbot.exe click that then press ok choose any server doesnt matter
3. join any ones game they have created then click play now this is important when press play when the ball show's up press on the x then press ok then go to y press ok then when your done that press vac move the vac is on message to the vote letters are and press ok and it should folow your mouse if you go threw the slot machine and it wont hit anything there is a door where the ball comes out hit that our if your ball gets stuck and you hit the door its not the door you need to hit its the flap where you get that bonus of 3 balls and get those 5x things and hit all of the vote things untill it goes red and leave it there come back once its a 3m and has a times of 5 5x3= 15=15m then click play again and youll get a gaia pinball machine dont they are like 1k each so dont sell them to high or no one will buy have fun from HACKERDVM also is evanx360 on gaia EMAIL ME FOR THE CONFIG AT evanx360@hotmail.com
and the DOWNLOAD FOR PINBALL: http://www.plunder.com/PinballBot-exe-download-0iYZKMnXE0uiUdnmWcxgOw.htm ps you need the CONFIG you place it first then the pinball.exe HAVE FUN!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

the instructions are quite hard to follow. simplify please

nun said...

Ehh, Please email the url to the login spot (modsaruhh@gmail.com).